It is no accident that you are here.  I feel that when we are ready for the next phase of our life, that we come across new information, meet new people who can help us grow, or will hear messages through songs, television, or overheard conversations.  There are magic and miracles happening around us all of the time.  It is a matter of paying attention to them, as they contain many of the answers to the questions we might have about ourselves and our lives.  Questions such as:  

  • How can I have a life filled with love, peace, joy and ease? 
  • How can I heal and release the pain, trauma and/or anxiety in my body, my life? 
  • How do I have a peaceful mind? 
  • How can I be more in touch with my intuition? 
  • Why do I feel disconnected from myself and others? 
  • How do I create a meaningful spiritual practice? 
  • What are my gifts? 
  • What can I do to help myself embrace change? 

Sometimes it is hard to be the neutral observer of our own lives in order to see what can help us or to hear our intuition when we are in states of pain, panic, anxiety, unhappiness or depression.  Using her intuition and what one's body is communicating, Naomi combines various modalities such as Craniosacral Therapy, Somatoemotional  Release, Soul Journeys, Sound Healing, and other techniques to help you feel your heart.body.mind.soul connection and to identify and release those blocks that may be preventing you from living a life filled with ease, joy, love, peace, wholeness, and meaning.  Naomi will  facilitate your journey of self-discovery and self-awareness to help you remember who you truly are and to live a life filled with peace, wholeness, and love.  

"I see with clarity and joy

For my eyes are wide open

Open to the potential

The potential in Me!"


All information on this website is meant for informational purposes only and should not be construed as a substitute for medical, mental, emotional examination, or diagnosis.